Thursday, February 26, 2009


I hate all this 'credit crunch' jargon and bullshit. I'm just waiting for someone to tell us that we're in the midst of a depression. Why can't people understand that this is just the way that capitalism works? I learned about this when I was just fifteen. My History teacher called it the cycle of prosperity.

In lay man's terms - what goes up must come down.

But it will go up again. And as much as it sucks right now (and boy does it suck) in time things will get better.

Today has been a horrible day. It started off well and then just took a nosedive. So many disappointments and arguments. But still, I like to think that for every bad day I have, someone has a good one. Just like the circle of prosperity.

I hope it was you.

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Anonymous said...

What's up love? You're a young student without mortgage repayments so unless you are worried about unemployment after you graduate then I can't see how the recession is the real problem. I get that you don't like sharing stuff like that but you will let me know if I need to start worrying about you, right? I'd come straight back if you needed me to.

And as these things work in cycles, some advice for the next recession is NEVER secure any credit card debts against your home. They have 12 years to sue you for unpaid debts if it takes the form of a mortgage, other than the usual 6 years to other creditors and you only need to default twice in order to lose your house. Not that any of that is actually applicable to you and I can't see how it ever would be, but it's related to the recession and is actually useful information to have. (Mainly, it was just to prove to myself that I actually understood something from land law this semester.)

Seriously though, if something's wrong then phone me. No talking to you about mortgages or easements either. See you next week in London xxx