Monday, February 09, 2009


I was pleased as punch today when the last set of my Clamp in 3D Land figures arrived! (Ahem, yes I'm a geek)

I don't really collect anything else (other than books, DVDs and CDs, but I don't think they count), so getting so many Clamp figures has been fun. Plus, they're functional too since they look rather cute on my CD rack.
I now have 23 (with two more on the way, and three more that I'm watching on eBay) and if you imagine that just one figure can cost £5-£25 on average... well yeah, it hasn't been exactly cheap. But there's something so satisfying about looking at them all...
Still, that's it! No more collections (especially not anime/manga related cause the geeks weren't lying, crack is cheaper)... well, except CDS.
I'm actually doing interesting things this week so expect much more entertaining posts! Oh, and I realise I've not been pulling my weight endorsing the GM Breaders (Toni's Online Book Club) so here it is: CHECK OUT GM BREADERS!!!

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