Sunday, February 08, 2009

25 Things

Okay, this is more a YouTube and Facebook (blech) trend, but I'm at work/Toni and Kyle's Den of Laughter. So here are my 25 Random Things About Me:

1. I love being in motion. The car, a train, a plane, a tram... I love it.

2. I think Macauley Culkin is really hot.

3. I think I might have two jobs: one that I love and one that I hate. I just never know which I'm gonna show up to.

4. I have an alter-ego. His name is Norman. I stole him from more than one person.

5. I just discovered that green beans aren't so bad.

6. I'm hopelessly addicted to Masterchef.

7. I have made 38 playlists for my iPod.

8. I really love playlists.

9. I am only slightly obsessed with my eyebrows.

10. I CANNOT STAND books for grown-ups. They suck.

11. I keep trying to throw away my virginity. It's heavier than I thought.

12. I've never seen Fight Club.

13. I've lied and pretended to have seen Fight Club, oh, about a million times.

14. I cried through an entire Killers set.

15. I believe in God. I just stopped believing in all the small print.

16. I love my big brother so much. I wish he knew how amazing he is.

17. God, stop going on about how awesome, awesome, awesome 'The Departed' is! I wish we'd watched 'Little Nicky' instead, it would've been better!

18. My friend went to Austria this year. I wasn't prepared for how much I'd miss her.

19. I buy a new ring every year at Leeds Festival.

20. A year ago someone told me I was cool. No one's said it before or since.

21. I eat cheesecake in layers.

22. I didn't stop talking. You stopped listening.

23. I had a poem published when I was seven. It was about Craziness.

24. I'm terrified of swimming.

25. I'm not actually sure what my real voice sounds like. The accents I've picked up have obscured it completely.

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