Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Year Review - 2008

Best Album of the Year: Boy we had a real good year of music!!! A new Killers offering slid in at the end, a slightly disappointing third album from Razorlight, Kings of Leon's euphoric fourth offering! Veterans Weezer returned in stunning form, We Are Scientists offered up a new slice of fun rock which certainly rivalled their debut, ditto for the Subways! Mystery Jets moved into a new 80s glam sound, Guillemots toned things down a little on their second album and Jack's Mannequin came out of nowhere with a stunner!

But seriously, was there ever any question of the best album of 2008? Frank Turner takes it hands down with his incredible, poignant, at times staggeringly honest second album (Love, Ire and Song) which is like eating a pie stuffed full of the highs and lows of British Life.

Best Gig of 2008: So its been a rather quiet year for me gig wise. And though they may have irrevocably broken my musical heart, Reuben were easily the best gig of the year for me. I apologise for being so predictable!
Best Film of 2008: It seems to me that most of the best films were sandwiched into the first couple of months of the year! Juno was a strong contender, the dialogue was just so slick, I loved it! The Dark Knight just broke my heart because it was so good, so clever, and, thankfully, so much better than Batman Begins! Sweeney Todd was fairly righteous too, way back in January! When I eventually got to see My Blueberry Nights I was impressed. Films that deserve a mention: Be Kind Rewind, Jumper, Penelope, Hancock and Pineapple Express.

But if it wasn't Twilight, you'd know someone else had written this! Maybe not the greatest cinematic experience of my life, but for me it's all about the literary success that this film represents. Love it.

Greatest Musical Discovery of 2008: Been a year of some decent musical discoveries. Vampire Weekend, Noah and the Whale (who have been around for ages, I know), Friendly Fires and Los Campesinos! Don't hate me, but 2008 has to be Hadouken's year. Their debut far outshone the others with originality and longevity.
Internet Awesomeness in 2008: I kind of fell in love with Etsy this year, but I just can't get enough of, love those lolcats!

Most Damn Awesome Song of 2008: Ouch, toughie.
'Young Love' by Mystery Jets feat. Laura Marling

Best Book of 2008: Uh, duh. Hands down 'Lock and Key' by Sarah Dessen

Obsession of 2008: There've been a few. Of course, Twilight and Lucas Leiva. I got well into some new anime this year with Special A and Earl and Fairy. But honestly, I think my hardcore obsession has to be Blogging. This year saw a lot of my friends get their own blogs and some truly awesome blogs were stumbled across by myself. Writing is so much more rewarding when someone is reading.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Agree with you on Young Love. 'Tis an awesome song. And I promise to be positive about Twilight. Seriously, it's only the fans that wind me up. And the fact that you banned me from reading the book, which I'm sure I would have been able to enjoy reading before all the 'I'm in love with a fictional vampire who's better than real boys cos he sparkles' fans came along.

But even if I loathe the film (which I don't think I will) then I look forward to going because you want me to and I trust your judgement. Let me know when you decide on a time. Love you lots xxx