Sunday, January 18, 2009

Used and Abused

Sometimes its so tempting to use your blog to tell someone something that you think they should know anyway. All those subtle hints... that apparently that someone is just too bloody dense to pick up on anyway. And I'm not trying to dictate what blogs should be used for... but I don't want to look back at mine and just see some sort of desperate, coded plea for attention.

So my blog is about me (and my little piece of the world). It seems a pretty obvious thing to say, but sometimes it helps to remind myself.

So I'm on episode 9 of Toradora (my latest anime addiction, since Vampire Knight was sooo boring and Earl and Fairy has finished) and I just can't decide if I like it. At first it was tres irritating, but now its kind of... funny. There are these totally quirky moments when you just sit there and wonder how the hell they got away with some of the stuff they put in. Of course, this was recommended to me by my anime expert, Alee Palee -->
so I probably love it really.

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I finished the most wicked book ever. Or maybe that's just the post-book euphoria talking. But it was pretty damn awesome. 'Ink Exchange' is Melissa Marr's follow-up to 'Wicked Lovely' and is fantasy YA at its finest. I should know, I've read enough. She's so good. At one point in the book, the main character is drifting in and out of consciousness over a period of weeks and the way she writes makes you feel as though you too are half-asleep. Amazing.

Oh, and I read the final Princess Diaries all in one night (and paid for it the next day) just cause I had to know how it ended! And I gotta say, the last book was the best in the ENTIRE SERIES! I even suspect my best friend (who has a love/hate relationship with the Princess Diaries) will love it.

Tomorrow I plan to buy 'Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist' even though I still have a zillion other books to read... I'm insatiable.

Frank announced he's releasing the third album in September plus there'll be a TOUR!!! Truly exciting news. And I'm loving the new Franz Ferdinand tune, 'Ulysses', which is different, but ultimately a grower. Oh, and the Zutons got dropped by their record label! I received this news with extreme sadness... just goes to show that it really all comes down to money, even though no one wants to say so.

So there, all the important things in tiny bitesize chunks! But, I still have to tell you guys about: the surprise party (!), waving at what I thought was a stranger, gift wars and the greatest discovery of January!

Oh yeah, it's all happening at my end.

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Alee Pally said...

Toradora is fairly unusual. How funny is that bit where they all go to the beach house and Kitamura walks in with the towel on? Or when he asks Minorin what to think of a girl who calls herself an airhead?

cant believe you don't like Vampire Knight though. its so good!

When you finish Toradora I've got another great series you just HAVE TO WATCH!