Monday, January 26, 2009


So we're sat in lamplight in our house. About ten minutes ago my Mother and I were chatting in her room when the light went POP! Literally, it was an actual pop. After a lot of bickering on the landing and my brother freaking out when Dad stood on the banister to reach the landing light, we're leaving it till morning.

I used to love powercuts when I was little. We'd all sit around in candlelight and listen to the battery operated radio. Now they just make me worry - what if the train lines are down? How am I gonna charge my ipod or use the laptop? What if I miss Masterchef? I might strain my eyes reading in candlelight!

Sad really how the romanticism of certain things is lost in this automatic age.

Skinny got a mini-pupillage (I spelled checked, that is apparently correct)! I didn't have a clue what it meant either. For a second I thought she meant she'd overdosed on the red bull. Anyway, this is her first step on the path to fighting-for-justice-and-peace glory! Personally, I never doubted her.

Tomorrow's my first exam. Wish me luck :)


cath_skinny said...

Thank you hun. Oh my goodness, thrilled isn't the word. I have another contact to try and get another one in Liverpool and I have been advised to spend free time sat around court rooms to try and get talking to more people. So that is how I shall be spending Thursday afternoon.

Toni screamed when I told her the news. I was confused that she would actually know what it is. It turns out that she heard me say the word Manchester and that alone merited such a reaction.

Looking forward to getting your letter. Really miss you! xxx

Chocobo said...

Good luck on your exam!

VAI2008 said...

I hope the exam went okay :D xxxx