Thursday, January 08, 2009

Pimp that Snack!

It seems pretty obvious to me now what they get up to at Oxford University... they cruise stupid (yet brilliant) websites all day! How else would Vic have returned home with the urge to pimp a snack?

So yep, last night we attempted to pimp a snack. The aim was to make a large Jammy Wagon Wheel (Moon Pie). I can't say it was a complete success (the unfinished project is sitting in Toni's fridge as we speak) because it's not complete. But no matter, we did excessively enjoy ourselves!

So we began by melting the chocolate. Clearly this was a two person job.

Skinny helping me wash the dishes. What a sweetie!

The guys found their own efficient method of pounding biscuits into dust. Mr Muscle loves the jobs you hate!

A particularly tricky part was melting the marshmallows. Probably cause the guys couldn't stop eating them!

Moi adding the yummy jam.
The proud bakers with their creation (and Kyle who came home to find us eating copious amounts of melted marshmallow!)
But pimping is hard work! So we settled back to bask in the glory of our own genius!

Pimping: It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.

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