Monday, January 12, 2009

Musicals and Subtlety

"I'm pathologically allergic to musicals. I can't stand a film where people are just standing around having a chat and then they start singing and jumping about."

One of my absolute idols spoke these words today. He's not just an idol because he feels this way (basically the exact same way I feel about musicals with the exact same justification) but it helps, it really does. So that put a huge smile on my face.

Tell me something. How do you tell someone that you think what they're doing is a really, really bad idea? I'm hardly the queen of subtlety, but I pride myself on selling it straight. Which might offend you if you know me, but I can't change. But there are times when its just better to not say anything. That way, you aren't lying and you aren't getting yourself into what could become a whole mess of problems.

(If you're reading this and thinking I might be talking about you, you could be right. And if you know exactly what I'm referring to then it's definitely something you've been wondering too. Otherwise, I never actually said what I was referring to and so cannot be held responsible for anything.)

We finished Pimping the Snack last night, which was bittersweet. It was pretty incredible to look at our creation (which I'll post photos of... tomorrow) and marvel at our own genius, but at the same time it marked the end of my Christmas Vacation really since tomorrow Vic goes back to Oxford and I won't see my friends all together again until mid February.

BUT I'm going watching Russell Howard with my homies in June so... its all good!

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augusta_avenue said...

Argh! Its not fair! Russell isn't playing a London date! I can't go!

And I know EXACTLY who said that. I take it you listened to him on the radio... he was fucking awesome.