Thursday, January 08, 2009

Just Listen

I never did tell you guys what Mikey got me for Christmas! Honestly, it was my second best present, it totally blew me away.

Not only is this copy of 'Ironside' signed, but its also a first edition! Very special. But more special because it just proved that Mikey really does listen to me. I thought all my prattling on about books and music just went right over his head, but he must listen to have remembered me mentioning a) Holly Black and b) how gutted I was when I couldn't get 'Ink Exchange' signed.

Sometimes I try to mention things that are really special and important to me to my friends and it just seems like they're not even listening. Which wouldn't bother me except for I always listen to them. I know their little obssessions, their favourite films and artists, even what kind of shower gel they like, for crying out loud. Is it so hard to just listen? I don't think so.

Mikey still wants to see Twilight with me (despite not taking to the book). He's a better friend than I deserve. But I suspect he's just bribing me to go back into the city since he's been home for a week and I've been too busy hanging out with Vic to go see him. Still, its the thought that counts.

My friends are all going back to Uni and I can't stand it.
I hate Pendulum and wish they'd crawl back to the seventh level of hell.


Anonymous said...

A signed book is impressive. Even a signed book I haven't heard of. I hope your poster is settling into your room well. Still upset about that stupid invoice. It spoilt everything. You were supposed to get it when I was back at uni with no invoice and then at some stage you'd phone me and tell me about this random delivery and you'd be all excited and confused. That was the plan. Now I just look like a strange stalker type person who forgot to check about invoices. For that I apologise.

And you sound a bit upset. Anyone hurt you and you need me to beat them up for you? (yes I am aware I'm not strong enough to do it myself and would require the aid of someone else/a big spade) I'm gonna miss you lots when I go back. xxx

Chocobo said...

I love getting presents that prove that someone listened and thought about you. Sometimes I think the regard is better than the present itself.