Thursday, January 22, 2009

Does it keep you up at night?

So, I was trundling through the Trafford Centre today and happened to wander into Waterstones, where I saw this:

I'm kind of freaked out by my immediate impulse to buy, buy, buy! But once the desire to impulse purchase had passed (just put your head between your knees and picture your last bank statement, it'll be gone in no time) I was kind of amused by the fact that such a thing existed (and that is says True Love Never Dies on the front; a line that is too cheesy even for Stephenie Meyer).

I was more frightened when I walked into WHSmiths and saw this:

Yep, just a book of pictures of RPattz! Not even anything about him, just pictures! There was no desire to impulse buy in this case.

A few weeks ago I was declared the 2nd most obsessive out of all our friends. At the time, I graciously accepted the title. But recently I've realised that this was a gross misjudgement. I present to you, THE EVIDENCE:

The Evidence of why Karen is Not Necessarily the Most Obsessive of all her Friends presented in list form (by Karen and Norman):

- Well, obviously Skinny is way more obsessed with Wicked than I ever have been with... well, anything.
- And what about Kyle? He will not shut up about his dreadlocks! Is he not obsessed?
- I also refuse to accept that Markie isn't an obsessive person. No one loves their hair more than Markie. I class that as obsession.
- Toni gets totally obsessed with people. She'll meet someone and then they'll be like all she can talk about for a month!
- Kirsty loves Twilight. She almost knows those books off by heart!
- Vic gets obsessed. She just gets bored very easily too, so her obsessions are short and sporadic.
- Dan is obsessive. There really can be no argument there.

And really, what is so wrong with being obsessive? Why can't we support each others' (healthy) addictions? I'm making a stand dammnit! What is life if you can't feel passionate about things? I HATE blaise people who refused to get excited about stuff (you just know they're closet obsessives).

Whether it be Vegetarian Vampires, Jonas Brothers, LOTR... don't be ashamed! I embrace your addictions!


Chocobo said...

I walked past the poster sale at school today and saw the huge bedroom posters of RPattz and realized that I was tempted to buy, but also wondered why college girls are buying things like that. Then I realized that if it was a poster of David Tennant, I would very likely have bought it and put it up without wondering anything at all.

I agree. People without obsessions or passions are strange to me.

Anonymous said...

People at uni think I'm such a freak because I don't do a 'normal' scale of emotions. If I like something then I LOVE it and it's everyone else who is just apathetic about life.

And even though Beks told everyone about her holiday numerous times every time she saw them, I'm the only one to be considered such a freak because of strong emotion. Even by Beks, when I was genuinely supportive of every mention of her holiday.

I don't get people showing no emotion. It's wierd. If you love something you praise it. It's strong emotion that gives us the best poetry and music and literature. But apparently it's 'normal' to be restrained and show no feeling. Disgraceful theory!

You can obsess over stuff to me any time you like, Karen. I can do excited. Miss you xxx

VAI2008 said...

Lmao! I get bored easily = not obssessive! :P