Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good Times Gonna Come

You may be happy to learn that my exams are done. Classes begin again on Monday. All is back to normal.

But I can't blog about what's going on here. So I'm going to distract you all by doing Toni's Blogger game.

1. Put your music on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

'Beverly Hills' by Weezer. Um, I feel this is a gross misrepresentation.

'Tonight' by We Are Scientists. This makes me sound like I enjoy one night stands. Especially if you listen to the song. Just don't walk away from me...

'Broken Train' by Beck. That might actually be quite true. I am feeling very weird. Like weirder than usual.

'A Short History of Nearly Everything' by Reuben. WOW! This is so so so true! This song is just... me. Plus, this list would not be complete without Reuben. Do you know this song made me cry? The first time I listened to it, I was sat in my living room the day after Toni's Hen Party. The whole place was a total mess and suddenly, listening to Reuben on a freezing day in June, I felt like I couldn't hold all the emotion. It just... overflowed.

Oh god... '5,6,7,8' by Steps.

'Who Let You Go?' by The Killers. This song reminds me of two of my work friends.

'Cracking The Whip' by InMe. Honestly!

8.WHAT IS 2+2?:
'A Perfect Mess' by Sahara Hotnights. Hmm, probably about right. Nothing's as simple as just 4.

'Tiny Little Robots' by Cage The Elephant. Well, there you go Vic!

'Take Me Home' by Aqualung. This one is just spooky! Really, so, so accurate!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lucky Girl (I Shall Give You a Bouquet of Ink Cartridges)

I am a lucky girl. The exam went okay... and it was the one that I was really dreading. You know, the one where you just can't study for it, nothing is gonna make a difference. Thanks everyone for worrying!

Yesterday was just so strange. I got around 3 hours sleep before I was up to do some reading before I hopped on a train. The exam was in the basement of this completely random building and I barely made it on time. Phew.

I met Mikey in the red area of the library, which, to me, is like this newly discovered world. It's so beautiful in there, all big and old and eery like Hogwarts Library! As we were leaving we bumped into Sam and Mikey knew him! Argh, talk about awkward. Mike was like, "you guys know each other?" and I quickly skirted around the subject. Cringeworthy.

After I started nodding off while we were eating lunch, Mike insisted that the fifth viewing of Twilight would have to be postponed. I crashed at his for a couple of delicious hours then sleepwalked to the station.

Toni showed up with DANNY when we went to pick her up for Taybarns love (love, love, love I had like 3 bowls of Rhubarb Crumble... mmmmmmmmmm). Me and Mark were totally staggered that he'd do something so impulsive! But seeing him was just the surprise I needed and we had a lovely night (stayed up till 2am talking at Toni's).

I am a lucky lucky girl. Who is deserving of ink cartridges and raspberry flapjacks and merciful exam questions and rhubarb crumble and yummy powernaps and missed friends all in one day?

Apparently moi.

(Now I'm back to worrying: about the match tonight, about Toni's party, about a big psych essay, but mostly about Vic.)

Monday, January 26, 2009


So we're sat in lamplight in our house. About ten minutes ago my Mother and I were chatting in her room when the light went POP! Literally, it was an actual pop. After a lot of bickering on the landing and my brother freaking out when Dad stood on the banister to reach the landing light, we're leaving it till morning.

I used to love powercuts when I was little. We'd all sit around in candlelight and listen to the battery operated radio. Now they just make me worry - what if the train lines are down? How am I gonna charge my ipod or use the laptop? What if I miss Masterchef? I might strain my eyes reading in candlelight!

Sad really how the romanticism of certain things is lost in this automatic age.

Skinny got a mini-pupillage (I spelled checked, that is apparently correct)! I didn't have a clue what it meant either. For a second I thought she meant she'd overdosed on the red bull. Anyway, this is her first step on the path to fighting-for-justice-and-peace glory! Personally, I never doubted her.

Tomorrow's my first exam. Wish me luck :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

K is for...

At home I am Karen.

With my friends I am Kaz.

At work I am Kan Kan (er... don't ask).

At uni I am Kitten.

And to speak to, they are 4 different people. But they are all me. If you act confident, you eventually become confident. If you smoke with your friends, but not at home, you are still a smoker. If I'm sarcastic at work, I am a sarcastic person.

The lies you tell, the people you hang out with, the things you watch, the words you say... they are all a part of you. Good or bad, it all makes up the whole.

When I'm at work I'm strong and organised. When I'm at uni I'm quiet and nervous. At home I am bolshy and outspoken. With my friends I'm silly and overexcitable... I am all these things, if not at the same time.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that sometimes people think you're being fake, or you yourself kid yourself into believing you're faking it. But everything you do comes from you! So it is all something that makes up the whole.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Does it keep you up at night?

So, I was trundling through the Trafford Centre today and happened to wander into Waterstones, where I saw this:

I'm kind of freaked out by my immediate impulse to buy, buy, buy! But once the desire to impulse purchase had passed (just put your head between your knees and picture your last bank statement, it'll be gone in no time) I was kind of amused by the fact that such a thing existed (and that is says True Love Never Dies on the front; a line that is too cheesy even for Stephenie Meyer).

I was more frightened when I walked into WHSmiths and saw this:

Yep, just a book of pictures of RPattz! Not even anything about him, just pictures! There was no desire to impulse buy in this case.

A few weeks ago I was declared the 2nd most obsessive out of all our friends. At the time, I graciously accepted the title. But recently I've realised that this was a gross misjudgement. I present to you, THE EVIDENCE:

The Evidence of why Karen is Not Necessarily the Most Obsessive of all her Friends presented in list form (by Karen and Norman):

- Well, obviously Skinny is way more obsessed with Wicked than I ever have been with... well, anything.
- And what about Kyle? He will not shut up about his dreadlocks! Is he not obsessed?
- I also refuse to accept that Markie isn't an obsessive person. No one loves their hair more than Markie. I class that as obsession.
- Toni gets totally obsessed with people. She'll meet someone and then they'll be like all she can talk about for a month!
- Kirsty loves Twilight. She almost knows those books off by heart!
- Vic gets obsessed. She just gets bored very easily too, so her obsessions are short and sporadic.
- Dan is obsessive. There really can be no argument there.

And really, what is so wrong with being obsessive? Why can't we support each others' (healthy) addictions? I'm making a stand dammnit! What is life if you can't feel passionate about things? I HATE blaise people who refused to get excited about stuff (you just know they're closet obsessives).

Whether it be Vegetarian Vampires, Jonas Brothers, LOTR... don't be ashamed! I embrace your addictions!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jump In The Pool

“Ike you’re so tan!”

He tried to yank his arm away, but she was already rolling up his sleeves and exposing the evidence. I bit back a smile.

“I thought you to be perpetually pale,” Gabriel commented, though not unkindly.

“Go Ike, you’re like a total beach hunk!” Julia crooned, not even flinching as he snatched his arm back.

The sun sneaked past the canopy of leaves above, scattering us with red hot light. Julia had stretched out on the grass, pulling up her t-shirt to expose her flat tummy to the sun. Even Gabriel seemed relaxed, his golden hair soaking up the light and giving him an angelic glow. But I, little red riding hood, was trapped within the shade, a bottle of lotion against my knee. Isaac had tanned from long hours walking along the beach and sketching outside in the early morning. And though I had often been with him, my milky skin remained stubbornly so. In fact, I awoke most mornings with a pink blush across my cheeks and nose, despite lathering up with lotion.

Isaac sat down beside me, throwing me a pitying glance.

“Would you believe me if I said I get even paler in the winter?”

“Tan skin would look unusual with such red hair,” he reasoned, softly.

I stretched out my legs, pushing just my feet into the sunlight. It felt like stepping into a hot bath.

“I hate being confined and hindered by something as good as the sun,” I sighed.

His eyes were distant, his smile crooked as he answered.

“You don’t let anything confine you.”

His hand found mine and we fell silent, our secret hidden by the mercifully long grass. It was one of those moments that you want to keep forever in a little white box. I would open the box in the icy, dark depths of winter and console myself that I had not imagined summer’s kiss.

But lately I longed to keep every moment in a box, preserved for when I awoke from this vivid dream.

Julia kicked off her flip flops as we walked home, hopping as her feet touched the burning asphalt. She giggled manically, ignoring Gabe’s eye rolling. The sky was dusted with orange that blurred the edges of the sparse clouds. Even Ike smiled as Julia danced ahead of us, her backpack barely clinging onto her shoulders as she spun around and around…

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sound of the Earth

We had a fair bit of snow today. But by the time I got home, it had all but disappeared! So I spent a few hours sliding around the streets and spending up some of my loan. The spending made enduring the snow much, much easier.

I was walking home on Saturday and I happened to notice this red Punto parked across the road. I'd only looked over to check if any of my relatives were parked outside where we were having Mum's party that night. And then the guy sat in this parked Punto lifted his hand and waved at me. And, even though I had no idea who the hell he was, I waved back!

But I'll admit I got a little freaked out when suddenly the red Punto pulled up next to me as I walked down my street. Before I got closer and realised that it was Craig's car.

What confused me was not only did I just instinctively wave back to what I thought was a stranger, but that I approached what could have been a stranger's car! It could have been like a murderer or a rapist (of course, Craig is neither of those things!). Perhaps I am a very trusting person?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Used and Abused

Sometimes its so tempting to use your blog to tell someone something that you think they should know anyway. All those subtle hints... that apparently that someone is just too bloody dense to pick up on anyway. And I'm not trying to dictate what blogs should be used for... but I don't want to look back at mine and just see some sort of desperate, coded plea for attention.

So my blog is about me (and my little piece of the world). It seems a pretty obvious thing to say, but sometimes it helps to remind myself.

So I'm on episode 9 of Toradora (my latest anime addiction, since Vampire Knight was sooo boring and Earl and Fairy has finished) and I just can't decide if I like it. At first it was tres irritating, but now its kind of... funny. There are these totally quirky moments when you just sit there and wonder how the hell they got away with some of the stuff they put in. Of course, this was recommended to me by my anime expert, Alee Palee -->
so I probably love it really.

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I finished the most wicked book ever. Or maybe that's just the post-book euphoria talking. But it was pretty damn awesome. 'Ink Exchange' is Melissa Marr's follow-up to 'Wicked Lovely' and is fantasy YA at its finest. I should know, I've read enough. She's so good. At one point in the book, the main character is drifting in and out of consciousness over a period of weeks and the way she writes makes you feel as though you too are half-asleep. Amazing.

Oh, and I read the final Princess Diaries all in one night (and paid for it the next day) just cause I had to know how it ended! And I gotta say, the last book was the best in the ENTIRE SERIES! I even suspect my best friend (who has a love/hate relationship with the Princess Diaries) will love it.

Tomorrow I plan to buy 'Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist' even though I still have a zillion other books to read... I'm insatiable.

Frank announced he's releasing the third album in September plus there'll be a TOUR!!! Truly exciting news. And I'm loving the new Franz Ferdinand tune, 'Ulysses', which is different, but ultimately a grower. Oh, and the Zutons got dropped by their record label! I received this news with extreme sadness... just goes to show that it really all comes down to money, even though no one wants to say so.

So there, all the important things in tiny bitesize chunks! But, I still have to tell you guys about: the surprise party (!), waving at what I thought was a stranger, gift wars and the greatest discovery of January!

Oh yeah, it's all happening at my end.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


It wasn’t even that solitude had driven me finally to madness. Or that the world in general had stopped talking to me. It might have been the awfulness of the day, my cold hands, the pouring rain. But I think it might have been that hand, reaching for mine. It pulled me, not only into the warmth of his house, or onto the soft slump of his bed, but also out of my melancholy, away from long, lingering thoughts that lurked, ready to pounce the second I was alone.

When everyone else was gone, he remained.

When everyone else looked away, he gazed only at me.

When no one else listened, he heard every word.

And it didn’t matter that he might only be listening to seduce me, to win my favour enough that we might fall back into this disturbingly wonderful and unhealthy routine. Because he made it perfectly clear, in more than just one way, that he wanted me alone. And though I could not say the same regarding him, who can resist the pull of being desired?

“Its raining, you should stay a while.”

I hesitated. He should have been the safe choice, the one you take home to Mother, but now he struck me as the drug that punished you with long nights of shaking withdrawal. They fool you that way, make you believe that the one who makes your limbs quiver, the one who sets your heart racing, he must be the dangerous one. But the safe choice is often the exact opposite. A seductively tempting exchange; your soul for security.

He beckoned, tugging my hand gently, intoxicating me with the offer of warmth and his soap powder scent. My eyes took in his gaze, so kind. So hungry. I was dizzy, my heart painfully warring with my head. Or at least my hormones.

The house wasn’t empty. Upstairs I heard the clacking of a keyboard, voices in the kitchen, but he was taking me to his room. He dropped my hand, but touched the small of my back as we climbed the stairs. And worst of all, I relished these proprietary gestures. His possessive manner sent me into fits of thrill. I wanted to belong to someone.

But I had wanted to love that someone, too.

As you grow older, you find it necessary to learn the delicate art of compromise. So I didn’t love him? But his heart was good and his prospects excelled. He’d give me a home and kids and sex on the weekends. Plus his hands were so very deft and I thoroughly enjoyed belonging to him.

Did it really matter that I didn’t love him? Surely no one was foolish enough to believe you could find all this and love! Adults make compromises and I was quickly falling into this category. Only a fool would turn down such a worthy man to devote time to a possibly fruitless search for something as frivolous and elusive as love!

The world grew hazy and warm. Everything around me, pressing in, soft, like you would imagine a cloud to be. And logic ran for its life.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vimto Slushies

Some people are too vocal. At least, that's my opinion. In psychology, we're basically taught that talking stuff out is good for you (hate to break it to you guys, but we've long suspected that this is why women live longer). Bottling leads to increased stress and therefore stress-related illnesses.

Perhaps I'm like a guy in this perspective, but I see talking as a weakness. I write, so I guess I'm letting all the bad stuff leak out somehow. But talking, admitting, confessing... makes me feel so weak.

Another problem with keeping it all in is that eventually you run out of space. And explode (metaphorically, heh heh). And these explosions can often occur around poor, unsuspecting bystanders.

I've become rather adept at crying in public (I'm not admitting this for sympathy so don't start freaking out and worrying.), its actually a rather cathartic experience. But bursting into tears in a cinema lounge... kind of embarrassing. Even more embarrassing? It was all over a slushie.

Yes, that's right. Someone asked me if I'd like a slushie and I began choking back sobs. Rather unsuccessfully.

Um, the moral? Don't ever offer me a slushie.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gravitational Pull

So, as promised, here are the results of our first pimping attempt. After my initial belief that we'd failed, I was actually quite impressed with the finished product.

Kyle models the masterpiece since it was he who coaxed it from the pan.
And then tries to slice into it. This proved rather difficult.
A perfect slice of Jammie Wagon Wheel!!!

A cross section.

And enjoying the fruits of our labour!

Vic worked out the calorific content. No one really wanted to know what it turned out to be. Lets just say that 11 bars of chocolate, two packets of digestives, 2 bags of marshmallows and a jar of raspberry jam went in to create mallow-y goodness.

So I thought I'd leave you with this rather amusing video of our resident science geeks removing the Wheel from the pan.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Musicals and Subtlety

"I'm pathologically allergic to musicals. I can't stand a film where people are just standing around having a chat and then they start singing and jumping about."

One of my absolute idols spoke these words today. He's not just an idol because he feels this way (basically the exact same way I feel about musicals with the exact same justification) but it helps, it really does. So that put a huge smile on my face.

Tell me something. How do you tell someone that you think what they're doing is a really, really bad idea? I'm hardly the queen of subtlety, but I pride myself on selling it straight. Which might offend you if you know me, but I can't change. But there are times when its just better to not say anything. That way, you aren't lying and you aren't getting yourself into what could become a whole mess of problems.

(If you're reading this and thinking I might be talking about you, you could be right. And if you know exactly what I'm referring to then it's definitely something you've been wondering too. Otherwise, I never actually said what I was referring to and so cannot be held responsible for anything.)

We finished Pimping the Snack last night, which was bittersweet. It was pretty incredible to look at our creation (which I'll post photos of... tomorrow) and marvel at our own genius, but at the same time it marked the end of my Christmas Vacation really since tomorrow Vic goes back to Oxford and I won't see my friends all together again until mid February.

BUT I'm going watching Russell Howard with my homies in June so... its all good!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Love You

Someone told me they loved me today. Which really just makes the whole day worthwhile.

Powerful words. There are lots of people I love. What interests/confuses/infuriates me is how easy it is to say to some of them and how I struggle to tell others. I mean, how can that be? I've never said it to one of my best, most wonderful friends.

The truth is, most of the time, you just know people love you. They don't have to keep constantly reminding you. Still, today made me realise just how special it is when someone says it, just once, out of the blue.

I love you. Did you know that?

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Just Listen

I never did tell you guys what Mikey got me for Christmas! Honestly, it was my second best present, it totally blew me away.

Not only is this copy of 'Ironside' signed, but its also a first edition! Very special. But more special because it just proved that Mikey really does listen to me. I thought all my prattling on about books and music just went right over his head, but he must listen to have remembered me mentioning a) Holly Black and b) how gutted I was when I couldn't get 'Ink Exchange' signed.

Sometimes I try to mention things that are really special and important to me to my friends and it just seems like they're not even listening. Which wouldn't bother me except for I always listen to them. I know their little obssessions, their favourite films and artists, even what kind of shower gel they like, for crying out loud. Is it so hard to just listen? I don't think so.

Mikey still wants to see Twilight with me (despite not taking to the book). He's a better friend than I deserve. But I suspect he's just bribing me to go back into the city since he's been home for a week and I've been too busy hanging out with Vic to go see him. Still, its the thought that counts.

My friends are all going back to Uni and I can't stand it.
I hate Pendulum and wish they'd crawl back to the seventh level of hell.

Pimp that Snack!

It seems pretty obvious to me now what they get up to at Oxford University... they cruise stupid (yet brilliant) websites all day! How else would Vic have returned home with the urge to pimp a snack?

So yep, last night we attempted to pimp a snack. The aim was to make a large Jammy Wagon Wheel (Moon Pie). I can't say it was a complete success (the unfinished project is sitting in Toni's fridge as we speak) because it's not complete. But no matter, we did excessively enjoy ourselves!

So we began by melting the chocolate. Clearly this was a two person job.

Skinny helping me wash the dishes. What a sweetie!

The guys found their own efficient method of pounding biscuits into dust. Mr Muscle loves the jobs you hate!

A particularly tricky part was melting the marshmallows. Probably cause the guys couldn't stop eating them!

Moi adding the yummy jam.
The proud bakers with their creation (and Kyle who came home to find us eating copious amounts of melted marshmallow!)
But pimping is hard work! So we settled back to bask in the glory of our own genius!

Pimping: It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Always Saying Goodbye

Why am I always saying Goodbye? I'm really sick of it. My friends come home and within days I'm seeing them off. You guys better stay put once summer rolls around.

Been having way too much fun lately. Are you ever scared that sometimes you're gonna have to pay for fun? Like, it all has to be evened out and soon enough you're going to suffer to reach a balanced state again. Or am I just morbidly pessimistic?

So, been writing lots lately. The ideas are flowing and its rather exciting, but more than that, its terrifying! Like its so precarious, I'm terrified of doing something that might disturb this sudden blessing from my muse. The truth is, I'm so much happier when I'm writing, so maybe I'm scared of being unhappy. Or talking myself in circles.

In the best news ever, MASTERCHEF IS BACK! This is the BEST thing about new year - a new series of Masterchef Goes Large. When did we become addicted to Masterchef? Well, my Pops started watching it about three years ago now. It became something we watched together every night, a bit of the ole' Father Daughter bonding. Now my whole family is addicted. We love Masterchef.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

You Know You're A Big Girly Geek if:

- You dream about faerie/vampire/incredibly nerdy guys.

- Spelling mistakes drive you insane.

- People tell you you're a big girly geek (ahem, Danny!).

- You actually watch game reviews online. Worse than that, spoofs of game reviews.

- You've seen the entire LOTR series. More than once.

- Your idea of wicked fun is playing Hide & Seek in the university library.

- You know nada about Dr Who, but you think that Matt Smith is h-ottttttt and can't wait to see him in the new series next year.

- You've seen Twilight more than once within the last 3 days.

So are you a Big Girly Geek?

Edward: "Can you talk about something else? Distract me so I won't turn around."
Bella: "You should put your seatbelt on."
(Edward laughs, incredulously.)
Edward: You should put your seatbelt on!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Dead Already

Don't you just cherish those surreal moments of your life? Like sitting in a McDonalds in the middle of nowhere at 11 pm on a pseudo Friday night talking about tattoos?

I do.

If you were there, you'll understand the meaning behind this.

Thanks for a great night dudes!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Year Review - 2008

Best Album of the Year: Boy we had a real good year of music!!! A new Killers offering slid in at the end, a slightly disappointing third album from Razorlight, Kings of Leon's euphoric fourth offering! Veterans Weezer returned in stunning form, We Are Scientists offered up a new slice of fun rock which certainly rivalled their debut, ditto for the Subways! Mystery Jets moved into a new 80s glam sound, Guillemots toned things down a little on their second album and Jack's Mannequin came out of nowhere with a stunner!

But seriously, was there ever any question of the best album of 2008? Frank Turner takes it hands down with his incredible, poignant, at times staggeringly honest second album (Love, Ire and Song) which is like eating a pie stuffed full of the highs and lows of British Life.

Best Gig of 2008: So its been a rather quiet year for me gig wise. And though they may have irrevocably broken my musical heart, Reuben were easily the best gig of the year for me. I apologise for being so predictable!
Best Film of 2008: It seems to me that most of the best films were sandwiched into the first couple of months of the year! Juno was a strong contender, the dialogue was just so slick, I loved it! The Dark Knight just broke my heart because it was so good, so clever, and, thankfully, so much better than Batman Begins! Sweeney Todd was fairly righteous too, way back in January! When I eventually got to see My Blueberry Nights I was impressed. Films that deserve a mention: Be Kind Rewind, Jumper, Penelope, Hancock and Pineapple Express.

But if it wasn't Twilight, you'd know someone else had written this! Maybe not the greatest cinematic experience of my life, but for me it's all about the literary success that this film represents. Love it.

Greatest Musical Discovery of 2008: Been a year of some decent musical discoveries. Vampire Weekend, Noah and the Whale (who have been around for ages, I know), Friendly Fires and Los Campesinos! Don't hate me, but 2008 has to be Hadouken's year. Their debut far outshone the others with originality and longevity.
Internet Awesomeness in 2008: I kind of fell in love with Etsy this year, but I just can't get enough of, love those lolcats!

Most Damn Awesome Song of 2008: Ouch, toughie.
'Young Love' by Mystery Jets feat. Laura Marling

Best Book of 2008: Uh, duh. Hands down 'Lock and Key' by Sarah Dessen

Obsession of 2008: There've been a few. Of course, Twilight and Lucas Leiva. I got well into some new anime this year with Special A and Earl and Fairy. But honestly, I think my hardcore obsession has to be Blogging. This year saw a lot of my friends get their own blogs and some truly awesome blogs were stumbled across by myself. Writing is so much more rewarding when someone is reading.

Happy New Year everyone!