Saturday, December 20, 2008


"Maybe it'll be jewellery again?"

"Or perfume!"

"Guys, its a book."

"It'll just be chocolate, won't it Lynn? Don't get your hopes up love."

"It's a book, I know!"

Really, its a fitting tribute to my life that when I receive a gift from a boy (who is not Dan, Mark or Kyle), my family freaks out. Thanks guys, point it out as the rare occurrence that it is. And the truth is, I know its a book. Mikey loves books. He thinks everyone should love them as much as he (I call him Himeone, which he does not appreciate). So if its not a book, colour me shocked.

I know that's what I got him.


augusta_avenue said...

it'll serve you right if its a vibrating cock ring.

Toni Maiden-Nel said...

Haha. I hope it is one of those.

Incidentally, if it is, could I borrow it?

Can't wait to see you on Christmas Eve Eve! x