Saturday, December 27, 2008

My (Long Overdue) Official Twilight Review

Okay, so Kirsty and I saw Twilight on Friday (that would be ahem the 19th) afternoon. After all the hype and excitement, I was a bit nervous. I really needn't have been. The film was thoroughly enjoyable.

So we didn't have the mass hysteria over here in the good ole UK, but there was a large gaggle of excitable girls in home made Twilight t-shirts doing a fair bit of squealing in all the places you'd expect. And Kirsty and I weren't the oldest there (woo!). We met some rather lovely Twiharders (and a Jacob fan! I didn't even know they existed.) and a good time was had by all.

Things Karen didn't like about Twilight:

- Jasper. Talk about looking constipated the entire way through.

- The way Bella just walked off into the forest before the pivotal meadow scene. It was massively important in the book that no one knew she was with Edward! Argh!

- The biology scenes. Cringeworthy.

- Carlisle. Too ugly. Too old. Too bleached. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

Things Karen LOVED about Twilight:

- Emmett. The bit where he jumps on the truck? Perfect.

- Vampire Baseball. Truly breath-taking.

- Charlie! He was so adorable and so obviously stoked to have Bella living with him! When she has to be truly cruel to him to get away... I had tears in my eyes.

- Soundtrack. Twas awesome.

- Stephenie's cameo!

- RPattz. A star is born. A British star no less.

- Rosalie! People said some pretty harsh stuff when Nikki Reed was chosen for the role. Having seen her in other films, I was optimistic. She outshone Alice by far.

- Almost everything.

(*Toni took the Twilight Phone Box photo for me to cheer me up when I was ill. It was truly appreciated!)

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Alee Pally said...

I totally agree (but where was the Edward love???)

Jasper... such a disappointment. Alice too. But you were so right about Emmett and Rosalie, they were perfect.

Best Bit: Where Edward shows up and scares away all those pervs! I loved that it in the book too.