Monday, December 08, 2008

Mmm Squee

So, my own personal Twilight excitement has suddenly hit fever pitch. I'm preaching it to everyone (my poster group, my colleagues, my Zelda buddies, Kirsty) and receiving muchos love in return. The soundtrack is on constant play in my bedroom. Bella's Lullaby has knocked the Shins off the top of my Top 100 Played list.

I booked tickets for the first showing at Bolton cinema a week on Friday. Yep, me and Kirsty will definitely be Twilighting it up on the 19th.

BUT I am sad to read that Catherine Hardwicke won't be directing 'New Moon'. Personally, I already loved Catherine Hardwicke. I love both 'Thirteen' and 'Lords of Dogtown', they're both in my DVD collection. Even though I haven't seen the film yet, I just trust that it will live up to my expectations, Hardwicke is that good.

So its getting to that time of year when everyone starts stocking up on the Crimbo essentials (mince pies, chocolate, advocat etc.) and my family are no exception to this...

Um yeah, we kinda like Crisps.

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