Sunday, December 07, 2008

Level Up

My cold is going. And the poster is finished. Its nearly Crimbo. I'm lucky to be alive.

Lately, when I'm on my way home from Uni and I'm a tad sleepy, I stare at my reflection in the window. And you know whats weird? I don't recognise myself. Its like I'm staring at an acquiantance, someone I've met but I just can't remember when. We stare at each other, both perplexed. The girl in the reflection really does have green eyes and her smile comes as a surprise.

Its in those moments, that I feel very insignificant. Its a weird, out of body experience and it lasts for a tiny, fleeting moment. It's comforting to feel so small.

In less philosophical news, Diana left X Factor last night. Though I'm sad for her, I'm hopeful that this means she can have a career unhindered. I'd like to see her singing good tunes with an accoustic band. She'd be totally awesome.

I thought it was so sweet how the other contestants ran on to hug her. It makes me think she must really be a nice person for them all to care so much about her. She's had a lot of really cruel press which is just pathetic, targeting a seventeen year old girl like that. People should be ashamed of themselves.

She looked really, really pretty last night too!

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