Friday, December 12, 2008

Be Safe

So, I'm not here. I'm actually at Uni or work or somewhere in between. But I wanted to post to tell everyone how lovely it was that you were either worried about me (Toni) or supportive of me in light of yesterdays post. I have the most lovely readers in the world.

In more general squee-ness, it is now only ONE WEEK until Twilight opens in UK cinemas! Um, SQUEE! Kirsty and I have booked tickets to the first showing at noon and I've booked the 19th off from work so that I can go watch it AGAIN at night. Thats right, a week today I'll be squealing over Emmett-ness (and Edward, of course, but Emmett is so cute too!).

Yup, I'm a big girly geek.
I feel for my poor friend Mikey. We were walking down Oxford Road (in search of Flapjacks) when I saw a huge Twilight advertisement on the side of a bus and started freaking out (squealing and hopping up and down etc). Like the good friend he is, he simply waited for my excitement to pass. Then, we continued down the road and saw (*gasp*) another Twilight advertisement on the side of a phone box (this I must photograph for you dudes!). Needless to say, he's totally sick of me freaking out at seemingly random times and places.

But even he has agreed to go watch it with me.

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