Thursday, November 27, 2008

You gotta swim. Swim in the dark.

Bonsoir Princesses! I am Tamaki Suou and today I am blooming more proudly than anyone! Are you going to fall for me? Don't worry, I will protect you!
After all, I am the first man of my station to be courageous enough to taste instant coffee!
It's just so cruel... God sometimes creates perfect beings with perfect insides and outsides!
Ahem, Karen is working tirelessly on her psychology essay! So she instructed I, the lonely Prince, King of Beauty, to entertain you for this evening!
Behold my perfect face!


Anonymous said...

I just spent ages trying to work out why your anime doll (Oh dear...) confuses me somewhat. Is it because in that light he has two different coloured eyes? no, because Damian Kulash Jr has two different coloured eyes. Is it because I'm just ill in general? no, because I'm still mentally competant. Then it hit me. It's because the poor thing has no nose! Why does he have no nose?

I don't understand the letter going missing either. Did you really not get my reply? I spent ages writing it thinking of suitable answers and writing more questions for you. That is not good at all.

And my blog post established that this was the only way in which I could communicate my sickness with you. Whereas you broke your rib (!) which is so much more serious than the 'flu, and chose not to tell us. Consider this a reprimand as the letter containing the original has vanished. Along with the letter that preceeded it apparently. It was sent two weeks ago so you should have had it absolutely ages ago.

You ok? Missing you xxx

Toni Maiden-Nel said...

Please watch Matt's video and rate it 5 stars! The link is:
See if you can spot the Hindley Spar in it...