Saturday, November 22, 2008

You Gotta Swim, For Nights That Won't End

I wrote you guys something. I was sat in the Lime Bar on Thursday waiting to be a total geek and all my reading was done and I made the most of a perfect (and fleeting) uni day. It's for you (yes, you!) whoever you are now reading this.

I suppose I'd like red hair. And bright green eyes. But I'm happy to live that dream vicariously. It would be nice to be skinny, or athletically gifted, but I can't think of much I'd sacrifice for that. I suppose we are deceived into being dissatisfied with our lot. But its just the consumer society we live in, they're the ones whispering in our ears at night.

No, the things I want can't be dictated to me. I really want a smidgen more self-discipline. And a boy that is perfectly imperfect instead of perfect for everyone else. And a finished story instead of vivid dreams without material foundation. Those would be nice.

But would I give up a thing I have for a thing I don't? How could I willingly sacrifice a component of my cosmopolitan life? Wouldn't everything else fall to pieces? Because it must be like a jigsaw or a machine, my life. If you subtract something, its not whole. It may function, but not as well as it did.

So thats why I'd never willingly let you go. I may seem dissatisfied, but that's the world, not me.

I love you. I need you. In all your splendid imperfection.

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