Monday, November 24, 2008

Yeah You Gotta Swim For Wars Without Cause

(I'm at work right now.)

It stings, listening to Reuben. I miss them, miss the idea of them out their making more life-saving music. People have an idea how much I care about music, how utterly besotted I can be with it.

So consider me an addict. Reuben were my sweetest, most magical hit. I need them in my veins. I need that stab of the needle. I'm withering with these poor substitutes.

Never underestimate what music is to me. Honestly, its probably safer not to talk to me about it, because people who don't like music, don't understand music, don't know music... you make me angry. Sorry, I'm just weird that way.

And, like Owen, I will only try to enlighten you.

Music... its just so much more ethereal than other media. I mean, when do films save people's lives? What are films without music anyway?

Haven't you ever noticed? Silence is so freaking loud.

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augusta_avenue said...

They join a long long list. and don't be ashamed to get upset, I seem to remember a certain someone crying when JJ72 split.

I miss Kinesis.