Friday, November 07, 2008

The Whole World Is Watching

This post is dedicated to my good buddy Skinny (who guest blogged for Toni today, in case you're interested). Skinny will let me stay at hers whenever I want, she puts up with what she fondly refers to as my 'music nazism', she has a bizarre love of musicals and has not yet been deflowered by a vegetarian vampire (metaphorically, of course). Overall, she is a very tolerant friend. But I recently discovered one thing she struggled to tolerate:

My tea preference.

Best Conversation of the Week!

Marie (my Canadian Friend): This is just proof (referring to Robert Pattinson playing 'Edward Cullen' ((um, squee))) that English guys are way hot.
Moi: No its not.
Marie: Uh, yeah it is. He (*jabs finger at picture*) is about to become the biggest hearthrob on the face of the planet.
Moi: No, Edward is.
Marie: Whatever. I'm right.
Moi: Actually, you know, I have a real thing for French Canadian guys.
Marie: Vraiment? Savez-vous que la plupart d'eux ont unibrows?
Moi: That's a lie.
Marie: Actually, its not.


Anonymous said...

I know you only did that so I would comment and even though overall that was a very sweet post, that is not tea. That is milk and boiling water. It is wrong. I shall post a picture of real tea if you like. I'm going to see Wicked in five hours!


I like your blogs, looking forward to your future updates.