Sunday, November 30, 2008

There's an ocean to drift in, Feel the tide shifting away from the spark. Yeah you gotta swim, don't let yourself sink.

So, I'm squeezing the rest of 'Swim' into one blog. I liked the idea of using song lyrics for a month of blog titles and personally the song 'Swim' has been incredibly relevant to my November. Its December tomorrow and I for one could not be more pleased about that. November is my most hated month of the year.

Friday was lovely though. Toni, Dan and I went out (a.k.a. had cups of tea in many places). I finally got to go back to Gemini (lasagna, mmm squee.) It was one of those days that just leaves you feeling warm and sleepy. Plus I talked more than I can remember doing in a long long time. It was just... great.
And I wrote something on the way home! I don't know if it's any good though. I was sat near these two brothers and they were fascinating. Plus one of them was totally reading what I was scribbling down in my day planner. So this is for Ben (the cute brother on the train) and my good mate Dan:

Huddersfield Hardened Your Heart (But Never Your Smile)
Hardship has galvanised your soul,
But the pursuit has made you whole.
I saw you like a naive brother,
But now we're equal with one another.

The words gush from your mouth,
You've held them back far too long
Thank God you didn't go down south,
And start to pronounce everything wrong.

Shaggy dark hair and bold panda eyes,
All student emblems, its the smile that's a surprise
It still reaches your eyes, lights up your face,
Some things cannot be taken by a new place.


augusta_avenue said...

Nice poem kitten. but i'm hardly an expert.

what do you want for christmas?

VAI2008 said...

Oi!!! What's wrong with down south!!?? :P

Anonymous said...

What is RIGHT with down south? should be your question. Example, my friend Joel is from London and was explaining to me that you can't say thank you to a bus driver without it being frowned upon down there. He said he saw one northern guy try it and the bus driver thought he was trying to be funny and told him off. That is what's wrong with down south. A world like that would be cold and sad. And that's before the accent and the lack of food at chip shops comes into it.

My southern friends are lovely but I couldn't deal with it. Plus, because it's about 5 degrees warmer down there they all have this real intolerance to the cold and can't manage if they have to come up North.