Thursday, November 06, 2008

Swim When It Hurts

I guest blogged over on Toni's masterpiece today. You could check it out, if you want.

I've been sending gift shoe boxes via Samaritan's Purse for about three years now. Normally, I do two or three, but the belt is tight this year, so I can only send one. I love doing it, because I like the idea of sending a little bit of love to someone, somewhere. Once the box is sent, I never really give it a second thought. But somewhere, children (hopefully) have been made happy by my small contribution. That's pretty cool, right?

Of course, as a writer, I'm totally biased and always end up filling my box with pens, pencils and notebooks, just in case.

Samaritan's Purse also give Christian Childrens books to the kids. Its a really awesome cause and it only costs a couple of quid to cost a box. Here's the link: in case you're curious.

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