Sunday, November 23, 2008

Swim For Your Families and Lovers and Brother and Sisters and Friends

Ooh, major photo blog for ya tonight!!! We went to the TRAFFORD CENTRE!
We got to see the beautiful Christmas tree...
...which sings. Kinda creepy actually.

Then it was off to get some food and go to the cinema.
Kyle's tee kinda amused me. Someone help me out here: is make it happen a euphemism or have I just totally made that up? One of you must know!
And, last but not least...

Okay, seriously, you guys have to stop Twilight bashing on my blog (Alee, you rock!). I have a reputation in the Twilight community to uphold. And Skinny, I didn't say you couldn't read it, I said I want you to wait until you've seen the film. And Cal, you're a boy, your opinion therefore is void when it comes to the matter of Twilight.

AND we saw the mini trailer at the cinema tonight and all three of my wonderful companions admitted that the film looks good. So go suck it haters!

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cath_skinny said...

You did tell me I couldn't. It was that night over summer when we were on the phone til 3am talking about Leeds fest and such like and you told me how difficult it had been for you allowing Vic to read it because you were scared she may criticise it but you wanted her opinions on the love scenes and that you weren't letting me read it because as I love books you would be worried about me saying anything bad about it. Which is why I got so surprised when you told me you were taking me to see the film and I texted back and said that it was kind of surprising you wanting me to see it when I couldn't read the book and THAT was the point where you told me I could read the book after I'd seen the film if i so desired.

And all the stuff about Twilight that gets put on facebook? 'I want my men cold, dead and sparkly' or 'oh no! I'm older than Edward!' It's just wierd and I feel like screaming at them to get a grip.

Oh yeah, and when you write in your blog that I haven't been deflowered by a fictional vampire then you lose all ability to get upset over somebody referring to Twilight as a vampire romping.