Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Swim for Brighter Days Despite the Absense of Sun

Erm, everyone can stop freaking out now. I'm okay. The doc was right, it did hurt this morning (and when I sneezed last night, yowch!) but I'm okay. I mean, it coulda been worse, right?

And why did no one get excited about meh? Hello, can we have some perspective here???

I'm showing off my trimmed hair today. Yep, I'm cousin IT no longer.

I'm watching the NME chart (waiting for Paramore, never thought I'd say that). Its not been a good week so far, but we're off to Taybarns tomorrow night (I told my friend this and she got a totally dreamy look on her face, "Their apple pie is like an inch thick" she explained) and I'm eager to see if the rumours are true. Personally, carvery kinda stresses me out. Unless you go to a super nice one, its generally just full of fat people, rough people and kids. And I'm a total snob, heh heh.

Time for a list!

Top 10 Greatest Men In Fiction (Compiled by Karen and Norman)

10. Robyn Rath Rye (King of the Unseelie Court and our absolute fave fae hottie)

9. Dexter (of 'Truth Squad', scatty and sweet, and best of all, a commitment-a-holic!)

8. Cooper Cartwright (he's a private detective, brooding, dark and he likes his girls with curves)

7. Peter Pan (Norman objects to this addition)

6. Howl Jenkins (no explanation necessary)

5. William Landsman (there's a lot to be said for a loyal friend. Will isn't perfect, but he's feisty and dedicated and a lot of people are never lucky enough to find such a man.)

4. Michael Moscovitz (*sigggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* Michael may be my ideal man. He's geeky, brilliant, sweet, romantic, bossy and downright adorable. Parfait!)

3. Edward Cullen (Oh he's fab, but not number 1! What I like about Edward is that he goes for brunettes. Smart vamp.)

2. Norman Carswell (oh Norman. He's sweet, he's shy, he's eccentric but best of all he's so genuine. Norman might not be every girl's idea of heaven, but remember the best boys come in unusual packages.)

1. OWEN ARMSTRONG (I'm clearly biased here since Owen is (possibly) the male version of moi. Opinionated, angry, good natured and music obsessed, Owen is my favourite of all favourites. Because the best fictional men are realistic and Owen is just wonderful enough to be realistic.)


augusta_avenue said...

that list disturbs me.

cath_skinny said...

And you said Toni makes the list superficial?! After yours includes those explanations?!

cath_skinny said...

Sorry. I thought you meant that she made your list as in the concept of the list look superficial. Not that she made your choices look superficial. oops