Monday, November 10, 2008

I Found A Tidal Wave

I took you another photo. Of the platform where I waited for my train today.

Today was wonderful. Sometimes its so easy to forget, forget that theres things you love, things to get excited about, stuff to jump out of bed for.

I'm worried about Dan. Honestly, I worry about all my friends who are so far away. Vic, Alee, Skinny, Cal and Dan. I miss all of you at the strangest times. But the one that I always worry about is Danny. Because him and me are kind of similar. And I know he struggles being away from home. I wish he knew how often I've wanted to go to see him, but ultimately it wouldn't help.

Sometimes it hits me, how far away some of the best friends I have really are. I know you must get sick of me blogging about them all the time, but my friends really are my treasure in life. I don't know how I'd have made it through these few months without Toni, Markie and Kyle. Oh and my Uni homies ;)

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