Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The currents will pull us away from our love. Just keep your head above.

Vic is home in less than two weeks. How weird is that? This whole semester just seems to have passed in a blur. And I for one will not miss it.

I feel saddened to admit that my penultimate semester has sucked. Majorly. There have been some bright spots, as distant as the stars in the black, black sky. I miss Hannah a lot, she used to condone my laziness and always, always make me feel better. I miss Gemini. I never even see Toni at Uni anymore. I miss sunlight. I miss my friends.

I miss my heroes.

I've clung to the good stuff. The amazing friends that are still here. Constant silliness at work. Writing my little story. Flapjacks at Coopers whilst a certain someone brags about his Paris class. Trains that pass through Deansgate. A warm place to come home to.

It really has only just occurred to me now how unhappy this semester has made me. How strange. Lets hope that I can make the ending a little better.


augusta_avenue said...

I had a feeling you were disappointed with this year. I always find winter semester harder than summer. plus they pile the work on in third year.

i hope your feeling better soon kitten.

Toni Maiden-Nel said...

I miss you and Gemini too!!!!