Monday, November 17, 2008

Cracking Me Open Yeah

Hey all. Well, today was eventful. I cracked a rib. (Does anyone else think today's song lyric is totally ironic? I guess I was kinda asking for it!)

Not from laughing (is that actually possible?). I slipped this morning down some steps at the train station (*cue onslaught of concerned builders*) and bashed my side as I was trying to grab hold of the rail. It kinda hurt, but I didn't think I'd done any real damage.

Yeah, but I'm okay. Really. I've been warned that it is gonna hurt in the morning and I should anticipate around 4 weeks of:

- no laughing
- no coughing
- no nintendo wii (I know!!!)
- many painkillers
- some rather cruel mornings

I guess thats what happens when you only get 3 hours sleep.

In much brighters news, today it was announced that one of my all time favourite words is being added to the dictionary: MEH!

I'm so happy. But I cannot sing either!


Alee Pally said...

holy crap, are you ok??? that sounds horrible! how can you be so blaise about it!

VAI2008 said...

Oh God, hope your ok


Toni Maiden-Nel said...

you what?! I'm calling you...

augusta_avenue said...

er, are you sure it was a good idea announcing this on your blog? I mean, I know you're okay, but everyone else might get a bit worried.

such a klutzy kitten.