Wednesday, October 08, 2008

To You From Me

I logged onto blogger a few days ago and was greeted with the fact that I could write a post and have it published in the future! How weird, I thought. So now, here I am, writing to the future me!

It’s May 8th and I’m sat on my brothers bed (which has pink sheets on it because he spilled milk all over his boy-blue sheets yesterday morning and I had to wash them for him) listening to Mystery Jets. It is sunny and breezy outside and I have opened all the windows in the house to let it breath in some fresh air. I am far from what I want to be but there’s this lock and key around my neck and it’s a promise that I’m moving in the right direction.

Everyone is out… for once. Well, there is Norman who is asleep in my bedroom. He took off his shirt during the night and now he’s curled up at the end of my bed wearing his jeans from yesterday. He is beautiful in all his peacefulness.

I’m sending this to who I will be in six months. I know that you (me technically, but I’ll address me as you. Confusing.) will be sad that it’s winter and missing the summer months terribly. You’ll be at a tough time of the year and I am wishing you strength and hope. I’m also hoping that’s you’ve gotten off your ass and done a few things:

- Cheer up Toni. She’s had it rough this last year.
- Don’t miss Vic too much. Make the most of your time apart to become a better person, a friend she is proud of.
- Kiss Mike. For God’s sakes. He’s lovely and very good at the old art of kissing. So allow yourself a no-strings-attached make-out sesh, I’m sure he’d be up for it.
- Go see Reuben live. We can’t miss another moment of their excellence while it’s there for the taking.
- Don’t be afraid. Norman and I love you.

And you better be writing! I mean it young lady!

Take care you. Remember, I’m always cheering for you no matter how it might sometimes seem.

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