Thursday, October 09, 2008

Shaken Weekend

So I never did tell you how last weekend panned out, did I? I guess it was pretty much as I expected, but with more extreme highs and lows than I was expecting.

On Friday we went shopping, which was just good old fun. We also saw Danny. He now has a beard.

We hung out, as planned, at my place on Friday night. This involved muchos Mock the Week, Scattegories and Sparklers:

It got pretty emotional, especially when Markie and Toni said their goodbyes to Vic.

On Saturday I wombled on down to Stoke (Keele) to see my good friend Skinny and watch the Subways at the union. She made fun of my brew preference, I admired her new flat. She forgot her wallet and had to break into her flat block for it, I laughed.

Subways were awesome. Keele was surprisingly awesome too.

And then I landed with a bang. Trying to get home on Sunday was not fun. I was literally in tears at certain points (really, need to stop crying in public. I never used to cry, now I can even do it in front of total strangers!). But when I finally did get home, my sweet older brother and my darling grandmother had a 3 course feast waiting for me! Boy, did I eat well!

Then Monday. Geez, I don't even want to talk about it. So screw it, I just won't. It's not like you need to know anyway. (Thanks to everyone who was nice to me on Monday. You're all angels)


cath_skinny said...

You make me sound like a hardened criminal breaking into my flat. I didn't even break in. I merely scared the poor guy in a ground flat by banging on the window, explaining that I'd forgotten my keele card and could he please let me into the block.

And your 'brew preference' can't even be classed as a brew. It is a crime against humanity and was utterly pointless in me providing you with a tea bag. I should have just added boiling water to some milk for you. You complete freak!

But yes, you must definitely come again. If you wanna come and watch cage the elephant we can get tickets you know. Then you can stay for the weekend and accompany me to church on the sunday. What sayeth thou? xxx

augusta_avenue said...

ah, the classic kitten sideways smile... how are you, oh lost one? feeling any better now?