Friday, October 17, 2008


So, I'm still trying the whole honesty thing. Wednesday night made me realise that there's nothing wrong with keeping things to yourself. There was this awesome postsecret this week:

And I believe it's true. No one does have time to listen anymore. And who can blame them? Everyone's got their own stuff to worry about and if you take a second to listen to them you can almost instantly figure out what's worrying them.

Oh? You can't? Well, I can. Maybe it's a gift. Or maybe it's the reason I stopped sharing, because I know how much everyone else is suffering too. Or maybe I'm just getting totally off track.

So anyway, here is some honesty for you:

- Honestly, I don't want to blog about yesterday
- Honestly, I had a great time catching up with Ange yesterday
- Honestly, you don't want to know what I think about that. So stop asking.
- Honestly, yesterday I struck inspiration and you nearly ruined it.
- Honestly, I don't have a phone until monday. Or Sunday. Or possibly tomorrow.

- Honestly, I'm not good at this.

Has the word lost all meaning for you too?

Marisa Thomas was distinctly ordinary. So quickly, your eyes would skate over her. Or perhaps that was an art she had perfected, the art of blending in? Indeed, she rarely spoke. The effort to raise her voice, to make herself heard, seemed to be a struggle. But if she was so ordinary, why couldn't I stop watching her?
My eyes catalogued her every move, making her more familiar than my own mind. And slowly I discovered she was anything but normal. Every week her nails were painted a different shade. They were violet the week we studied communism and she only answered when no one else did. Turquoise, when she loaned me a blue biro, so quickly that the lecturer didn't have time to notice how woefully unprepared I was. Emerald, when I finally managed to ask her a direct question.
"Did you get any of this?" I whispered, inclining my head towards the set reading.
She didn't even react. "Yeah," she answered, not even looking at me.
I'd understood it perfectly too, of course.

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