Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Its on the days when you feel truly lousy that family really come through for you. And since I can't really tell them all how awesome they are, I figure that I should put the sentiment out into the stratosphere.

Yes, today my freshers flu proceeded from bad to worse. Much worse. Losing my voice worse. Right now I just can't stop sneezing. Seriously, seven sneezes in the space of just typing this post. Or maybe I'm just allergic to blogger?

Just so everyone knows... I hate Foucault. Certain individuals are incredulous at this revelation. Perhaps this is all stems from my love affair with the communist manifesto (it was a totally spiritual experience for me. I just kept nodding and nodding as I read through it. I'm not a communist, I swear. But Marx was pretty cool.) or just the fact that Foucault uses way too many big ole words and I don't have time to dictionary.com them all.

I phoned Vic, as planned, tonight. It was nice to chat about crap with her. I miss chatting about crap. All I ever seem to talk about is other people's situations and academia. Just once its nice to make fun of southerners (sorry southerners, but you say stuff weird).

I can't stop listening to The Shins, dammnit! Someone is going to pay for this addiction!

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