Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chunks of Change

In these days when no one else is blogging, I must strive to set the example. Even though I'm unsure if I have anything interesting to tell you.

So the freshers flu has finally got me. It was inevitable I suppose since everyone around me has it. I'm suffering a little, but this kitten has to put on a brave face and march off to lecture tomorrow. Can't be any worse than being ill at work all weekend, can it?

I bought the first of my Christmas Presents this weekend!!! (It's Skinny's. For some reason I always tend to buy hers first. Huh.) I'm so proud of myself. I know Christmas is months away and no one hates early Christmas hysteria more than myself, but when you're on such a tight budget (such as I am) you have to think ahead. Plus, I've always had this weird obsession for getting the perfect presents. Or at least trying to. And perfection takes time.

I watched X Factor last night. I was actually impressed with the lack of sob stories. And Diana Vickers is awesome. Who'd of thought, a little indie chick on X Factor? Vote, vote, vote for Diana!!!

Best news all weekend? Uh, the new Twilight Trailer, of course!

1 comment:

Alee Pally said...

ohmygosh, that trailer is sooooo awesome! i didn't know it was out until you stuck it in your post.

Robert Pattinson is getting hotter and hotter... BUT WHERE IS THE JASPER LOVE? HE WASN'T EVEN IN IT!!!

mwah x