Sunday, October 19, 2008

Arm's Length

It's strange how much I've enjoyed being so detached from my phone. Maybe, on some level, I intentionally left it at Mike's. On the other hand, I have to guess how everyone is since I have pretty much no way of getting in touch with them (since I don't do facebook). Mike informs me I've had a few messages and missed calls (like from Kylie who apparently called me four times on Friday evening before I arrived at work) but no emergencies. He promises he's kept it off most of the time to resist the temptation to send prank messages.

He's so good. If it were the other way around I couldn't promise I'd have been so gracious, heh heh.

So I get my phone back tomorrow just in time to text everyone about Samba day, text Ange about meeting up again and to make my weekly phone call to Vic.

Now I have to go be good and do some Uni work. *Sigh*

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