Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Zane Lowe Rocks

Yours truly just got a shout out from ZANE LOWE on Radio 1! Best 18p I ever spent!
(I recorded it, in case you don't believe me!!!)

Yeah, welcome to my bedroom wherest I am currently listening to Radio 1 and waiting for Frank Turner's live session. Anyone who knows me must by now be aware of my intense adoration for Frank. He is a modern day William Blake, a poetic observationalist commenting on our generation's trends and decisions. His music is completely relevent for anyone in 18-30 years old.

Listen to him or live without pure music enlightenment.

Tomorrow the fantastic 4 (nix Vic) is off to see our dear mate Danny before he leaves us forever (a.k.a. until Christmas). I am determined that we shall have fun, for Dan's sake. Besides, the prospect of tomorrow was all that got me through work yesterday. Oh, and Kylie as well. And Radio 1.

A little Kitten had washed up on my front stoop...

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nasanoreeri said...

Hey Kazzzzz missing you mucho!!! Ive been checking out your blog, im liking it! So much so that you get a link from my blog!

If you havent been introduced to the mild conversations that are my blog:
is where you can find my ramblings!!!

Hope to see you soon! Keep up the good work