Thursday, September 25, 2008

You Are Free (To Do What We Tell You)

I know that every once in a while I go on a rant. I'm a rant-orientated person. Basically because a lot of stuff pisses me off. So if you don't like it, fuck off about now.

You've been warned.

I guess my ranting side came out when someone told me that I couldn't listen to the music I love. I think I might have actually blogged about it, back in the day. At the time I was young and naiive and I actually started to wonder whether my music was evil. Now I know the truth: censorship and everyone who tries to shove it down your throat, that's what's really evil.

You know who you are. You made me sick to my stomach that night. I hope you lose sleep over it.

So I'm a music nazi. Everyone keeps telling me this as if they think I don't already know. Yeah, like Hitler didn't know he had a hatred for jews. Whatever.

I don't want to start some kind of war here or irritate anyone or whatever. I just generally don't like musicals. I wasn't informed beforehand, but now that's a crime. Did you know? Well, now you do. And so do I. But the truth is, I actually do like musicals, but only good ones (or ones with some actual musical credibility. Oh, and Moulin Rouge doesn't suck, I'm just angry that they ruined 'Diamond Dogs').

As for the everything else, I just wish people would think a little bit more before they speak. I'm a massive supporter of honesty, but it seems that some people have mistaken honesty for cruelty. Everyone has a weak spot, everyone, and some people's are obvious and others aren't. IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER! You can never, ever consider yourself someone's friend if you knowingly target their weak spot!

You're pathetic. Grow up.

(This rant was written with the aid of Kinesis R.I.P)


augusta_avenue said...

Once again Kitten scares the shit out of, well, everyone.

N-i-i-i-i-i-c-e Kinesis reference. I like it a lot.

Youre being lied to by those who should protect you.

VAI2008 said...

Moulin Rouge as you say doesn't suck...IT RULESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!