Friday, September 05, 2008


Aishak*! There is something so special about Princes. Something that can keep me awake until 2:30 am! Declaring a boy to be a Prince elevates them to some insurmountable perfection and I'm not quite sure why.

Prince Blaine. It has quite a ring to it, doesn't it? Prince Link.... SQUEE!

Ahem. So I've created a Prince. And now he's keeping me awake. Because he WON'T SHUT UP! Honestly, Rome wasn't built in a day I tell him. He doesn't care. He will wait no longer for his happy ending. Oh, but how dull happy endings are?! The hope of a happy ending is so much more entertaining than the happy ending itself! (By the way, we all know what a happy ending really entails, don't we? You know, when Cinderella and the Prince ride away on their honeymoon and then... you didn't realise that? Oh.)

What is even better than a Prince? A clueless Prince! A jealous Prince (um, SQUEE!)! A vampire Prince (seriously, squee overload).

But best of all is a torn Prince. A Prince whose heart is seemingly irrevocably broken. Ah yes, my little Prince is scarred deep inside. He's in love with a girl who's days are numbered (she's not got a terminal illness though, that's too passe). And now I get to have fun and throw them into deliciously awkward situations and brew the sexual tension like a long-simmering potion in my big black cauldron that's just threatening to explode, one of these days....

Oh, how I love a Prince!

*Made up word

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