Monday, September 08, 2008

Old Gregg

Skinny invited me along to Blackpool on Sunday to see the illuminations. I suppose I was trepidatious about this day, but only because my recent moods have been so unpredictable and I didn't want to upset my dear friend. But in the end, I needn't have worried. A fun time was had by all.
There's something so shamelessly tacky about Blackpool and that's why I like it so much. It's exactly what it advertises itself as. I think the excitement of being at the seaside is something that never leaves you no matter how old you get. It's the seagulls and the salty air and the arcades and fun fairs. The candyfloss and fish and chips and sticks of rock. Its something so inherently British.

I got to see Caitlin again and she's gotten so big and so clever and so beautiful (she was all these things before). Its amazing just how much like Catt and Harry she is! She constantly reminds me of the two of them with the littlest gestures! It also amazes me just how good Catt and Harry are as parents, not that I didn't expect them to be. I have so much respect for the two of them, they're so responsible and mature and yet they're still both so fun and young and vibrant. I can only hope that one day I'll make as good a parent as they do.

So there were arcades and rides and junk food, but the best part of the day was indefinitely driving through the illuminations with my good pal Skinny. We blasted Disney songs and bantered pleasantly over the lights (and Harry delivered us fresh donuts which Skinny devoured with a devious grin).

I really love road trips. I suppose they are the only times I wish I could drive. But Skinny is good enough at that for the two of us. I love service stations and fields full of cows and sheep. I even love Sat Navs, though they don't love me.

I don't love Mighty Boosh. Skinny and Harry had ample time to convince me and they failed (thanks Catt for backing me up!). I do love my friends, though, and that I was convinced of within moments.
It's strange how you don't realise how much you needed something. How could I have failed to notice that I was craving the company of my friends? A carefree day out? The seaside?

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Toni Maiden-Nel said...

Those pictures of Caitlin are AMAZING, she's just so beautiful!