Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Feel Sympathy For Troy... I Mean Trev

How has my blogging suddenly become so... nonexistent? It's not even like I'm that busy. I mean, I am busy, but I still have time for you. This is my way of not-apologising-for-but-acknowledging-my-lack-of-blogging. So lets move on.

My hair is wet which I must say is a welcome relief. It's been filthy for two days now but I just haven't had the drive to wash it since I've only been stuck at work. So now it is clean again and my feet still hurt and I'm dreaming about plating up carrots and strangling chefs.

On Saturday Toni and I ventured into Manchester to sort out... well, everything basically. Turns out we could have done it all at home with the assistance of a computer, but no matter. We had lunch at Gemini and I devoured the best lasagne and chips to ever exist. It was worth it all for that. Plus we caught the Metroshuttle which was like being deflowered in the best possible way. All these times I've been catching packed trains from Salford Crescent when I could have hopped on that free bus (and enjoyed one of the most beautiful journeys through Manchester) and caught a less full one from Victoria!

I expect a full year of Metroshuttle journeys. I can't wait.

Something incredible happened on Saturday. I, being the ditz that I am, left my wallet at the first place we stopped (which, fortunately, happened to be the deserted corridor of the Combined Studies dept). Of course, I only discovered this about an hour later when Toni and I reached Gemini. Thus the frantic search for Karen's Wallet ensued! And it twas nowhere to be found. In fact, I'd just become resigned to the fact that it was gone, gone forever, when...

... a super nice stranger told me they'd handed it in at the library. And a mere ten minutes later it was returned to me by two nice security dudes perfectly intact (Frank Turner tickets and sixty quid still there)!

I must be the luckiest girl in the world. Kind stranger, I send you many good thoughts. You are a rose amongst thorns!

I'm a massive believer in Karma. What good could I have done to earn such a good turn? Ages ago Toni and I were at a HSBC in the city and a dude left his card in the machine. I retrieved it and made Toni hand it in to the bank. Perhaps that was it? Or maybe I have to do something good in turn to be deserving of this good fortune and therefore balance everything out again?

What good turn do you think I should do? It should probably be before the month is up, I reckon.

Skinny just popped in for a lovely if unexpected visit. I am so relieved that I can still go watch Subways with her. It really isn't far away now, I might have to book my train tickets soon. Its nice when you can still make everyone happy.

Now I'm listening to Led Zeppelin to make Dad happy. I feel like I have a lot more to tell you... Vic came home. She got me the most awesome t-shirt and treated me to a slew of strange tales about the US of A. I'm glad she had fun, but now it seems like she leaves us so soon. I'm doing my best to book some time with her before she goes but it seems everyone else is thinking the same way. Damn them, heh heh!

Dan seems to be happy enough at Uni. His texts make me smile but I also have one of those nagging fears that he's turning into one of those 'Uni Guys' with their stupid Oxford t-shirts and annoying laughs. It's a difficult concept to explain. I must, for now, assure myself that Dan could never change no matter what.

Almost everyone is back at Uni and seemingly very happy. Alee is pursuing someone (I must tell you this since Alee will never bother to herself) and Cal has thrown himself (rather literally) into seminar plans. I'm sure his seminars will be both stimulating and enriching in all the appropriate academic ways.

Skinny informed me she's back off to Keele tomorrow and I confess this has made me rather sad. She's been a good friend to me this summer and proved herself to be just as zany as I remembered. Still, next summer we'll have even more fun (Leeds-orientated fun).

Tonight I'm attempting to make this:
I'll let you know how successful I am in the next couple of days.

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augusta_avenue said...

What do you mean 'literally'? Glad you've got back to informing your good friends on how you're doing. Not that I'm trying to guilt trip you for never calling me back.

Now, would I do that?