Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hot Water

I am a weak girl. I won't go into details. It's like when you promise yourself that you won't, won't, won't do something... but then you just have to. And I mean have to.

Someone slap me on the hand, I beg thee. It's not like there's anyone or anything to stop me doing this (apart from that little voice in the back of my head that tells me it's a baaaaaad idea).

I'm so going to hell. Kidding.

Karen's Breaking Dawn Review (SPOILERS!!!!!)

For all my twilight buddies (Edward forever!), here are my thoughts on Breaking Dawn. I'd been told by Vic that there had been some disappointment over the final installment, especially over in the States. As soon as I cracked open the book, I couldn't understand why. The first book was awesome. The wedding made me go all gooey inside ("What do vampires do on their stag night?", heh heh) and the sex was tastefully handled (biting pillows!). I won't lie, the nudger totally freaked me out. Totally. Like gave me nightmares, freaky. But it was a good idea.

Jacob's book started dully. Jacob is just way too... whiny for me. Insight into the mind of the pack was fascinating, though. And it quickly picked up. The way the vampires and the wolves bonded properly and the split of the pack... genius. Even more genius, the twist right at the end of the book. Totally disgusting? The birth. Ick, ick, ickety, ick, ick, ick! When Edward read the mind of the baby and told Bella how much it loved her... geez, I full-on teared up.

And finally, Bella's last book. I was so surprised and pleased when the baby turned out to be a girl. Of course Bella and Edward had to end up together, but Ms. Meyer made it so that that was the only thing predictable about the book. Renesmee was instantly charming and delightful and Bella's instant love for her wove through the words, invisible yet tangible as the wind. It wasn't long until you loved her too, little freak that she is.

Really, everything was great, impeccably written and beautifully emotive and tastefully accomplished. The other vampires were well described and introduced (especially considering how short a space she had to achieve this) and the twists and turns of the plot, it was like being on a runaway train!

I honestly believe this was a great final installment to an epic series of books. I won't lie, I was a little disappointed with the ending. It wasn't an easy path to a peaceful resolution, but it did seem a little... cautious. Still, overall I was very happy with the book. It wasn't predictable or corny or sappy in the slightest. I loved Renesmee and the new vampires were totally awesome (especially Kate and Eleazar). There were more parts than I can count that warmed my heart.

I'd give it 9/10. And that's pretty damn good.
As for the whole Midnight Sun saga, I'm seriously disappointed. But not with Stephenie, with whatever fuckwit leaked the damn thing. Geez, do people hold nothing sacred anymore?

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Alee Pally said...

ciao kitty. I totally agree with you about Midnight Sun. And I wasn't let down by the end of Breaking Dawn, i was too scared that someone was gonna get offed!

I am fine. Washing your own clothes ain't fun. I'll blog soon, promises.