Friday, September 26, 2008

Honestly Karen, You Think I'd Do this For Free?

Aren't some days just so unexpectedly amazing?

So the intention was to go into Uni today to get some Preliminary reading for my lecture on Monday (Dr. Jerram! Scary!). But I was sleepy and couldn't be bothered. Finally I woke up at half ten, yelled at myself a little bit and got my ass out of bed. I was going.

It was pretty damn hot today. And Oxford Road resembled some sort of stampede, there were just people everywhere! I showed off my incredible dodging skills and made it to the library in record time... where I ran into Mikey!

He was stood outside waiting to give a library tour. Dearest Mikey is the sort of person who knows how to properly use the library. After he accompanied me to grab some books and scolded me over the Paris class fiasco yet again, he insisted that I join him and three adorable freshers (Jason, Lucy and Andy, don't forget that we bonded over proper library conduct!) on a library tour. It was actually highly informative. Mikey taught us all how to use a self-service machine (I was pretty scared of those) and found out that there's a wing of the library in Mansfield Cooper building. Wow, it was fascinating!

I promised Craft Night Reviews didn't I? So, here are some illuminating photo photos:

Ah, Vic and her bowl. She grew rather attached to it and wouldn't release it all night.

I only got this one picture of Mark, even though he did the most crafts. So, just to prove he was there.

Call me crazy, but I think Toni is feeling her own boob here?!

There's a story behind this one and Skinny specially requested that I blog about this. Whilst Skinny was rifling through Toni's bag of postcards she randomly pulled out a £10 note. This was especially ironic since it was only last week that Toni was scraping together pennies for biscuits whilst waiting for payday.

My bracelet went very well and I've actually finished one! But they deserve a post of their own.

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