Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The weird thing is, on Sunday night I had a dream about someone offering to take me out for the day, their treat. Today it actually happened.

I met Alee at what used to be Cafe Nirvana when I went there one night with a mate from work, Tom. We ended up hanging out with Alee whilst Tom got drunk and kept buying us ice pops. Sometimes its the strangest scenarios that lead to you being friends with someone. I gave Toni a burger and nine years later we're still friends. Alee and I bonded over her drunken friend (he's cute as hell but completely gay. A bit like Alee herself, heh heh!).

So, when Al' offered to take me to Liverpool for the day with her, of course I jumped at the offer. It was thoroughly awesome, especially beating Alee's flatmates Paul and Sam at Mario Kart Wii. They underestimated me. Twas their undoing!

Tomorrow its baking day which promises to be highly entertaining since none of us can bake. Huh, maybe not our best idea. We shall see!

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Toni Maiden-Nel said...

Hurray hurray,
It's baking day!

I'm so, so gay.

See ya later.