Friday, August 29, 2008

Snap Snap

So we had fun at the photographers even though I will reserve comment on certain people's choice of photograph. My photo choice was awesome and I am muchly looking forward to getting it :)

The hairdressers wasn't as horrific as I'd thought. My hairdresser is a genius. No seriously, just look at how awesome my hair looked!

Now, unfortunately, it's time for my social life to take a bit of a hiatus. I have no money (thus I must work. Lots.), Vic is off to Florida, Dan is preparing for Uni and I should really start getting ready myself. Yikes. Still, there's Dan's going away meal and I hope to hang out with Skinny and Cal before they leave me for a long time :(

As for Vacation, I shall do my best to update tonight.

Sorry for the boringness. Here's some beautiful pics of my stunning friends to make up for it!

1 comment:

Toni Maiden-Nel said...

Your hair looked lovely. And I happen to like the picture I chose so there. I'll let you know when the guy calls me. Anyone else think he was a little bit odd? See you tomorrow. x