Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last Virgin Standing

I'm feeling a whole lot better :) I talked with Skinny on the phone for like three hours in the early morning of Tuesday. Then I went to bed at 5am and got up a few hours later to order our Leeds Tickets for next year. For a second I hesitated (which is just crazy, right?) and then I took a deep breath and got on with it. Now I'm in a whole lot of debt :) but it doesn't matter.

Even my work friends were worried. Apparently I'd sounded 'down' in my texts. I wasn't aware that was possible. I worked last night and it was a total snoozefest. Craig and I worked it together and ended up getting into our favourite discussion, who in the stadium is a virgin? This may sound rather pathetic (actually, it probably is), but the two of us (as the older end of the Kitchen Porter spectrum) are oddly fascinated by it. See, you think it's pretty easy to tell, but in actuality it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. There are a few who we can definitely rule out (like we have proof) and that's when it starts to get tricky. For one, it's always the quiet ones who suprise you (*cough**cough*).

Isn't it funny how one misplaced comment can just ruin your day? You're just sat there, minding your own business and them BAM. He apologised for it though, so at least we're making some progress.

I'm watching Masterchef the Proffessionals. Its awesome! I'm addicted to cooking competition shows!

Tomorrow is the photograph. I have to go have my hair done, which I hate. Honestly, I cannot afford this whole thing. I simply could not deny Vic or Danny a thing right now. I know how scary it is to be leaving home and how you want to cling onto any tokens that you can take with you. If they asked me to come and live with them for the first three months I'd find it difficult to say no. But this is their experience, not mine and I'm hoping theirs will be far superior to mine.

Water out a stone
A porcelain doll thrown
A poisonous vine grown
A broken heart sewn
I thought I was alone.
But you healing touch lingers,
Destroy the weeds quicker than weather,
There's a needle in your nimble fingers,
To stitch me back together.
My own skin and bone.

I shall become the unofficial photographer for tomorrow's event and let you know how all goes. Feel the love.

But not that kind of love. That's just for my benefit :)


augusta_avenue said...

That guy out of Mystery Jets? Holy fuck Kitten, you have the worst taste of any girl I've ever met! Are you even sure he's fully functioning down south?

Friendly Fires' rereleased album is out today.

silverpistola said...

Of course he's fully functioning! Blaine Harrison happens to be my very definition of sexy. He's talented and sweet and shy!

Thanks for the info, btw, but it isn't a re-release, you're thinking JLAJJJ.

cath_skinny said...

I agree with the random stranger, with a couple of exceptions (D. Kulash Jr) your taste is shocking. I accept your offer to watch it when we see the Subways together at Keele (Yeay!). It is awesome having Steph, it just sucks knowing I hardly ever see her. I was mad at myself back at uni for allowing myself to become such close friends with her because it really made me sad when she went home. She asked me to go and stay with her which would set me back a small fortune but now I have a Leeds ticket already I suppose I have more chance of saving for a trip to North Carolina. I could get you guys talking if you like? Then you'd have an American buddy with taste in music you'd really approve of. xxx

augusta_avenue said...

Now its 2 against 1. Sexy? He's ginger, whiny and disabled. I never knew you had such a nurse complex. Kinky Kitten, real kinky. Not that I discriminate against disabled people but when it turns you on... that's just strange.

You might be right about the rerelease. Mental block.