Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Keep Me Away From Knives

I'm so mad. Take heed of this warning, if anyone, anyone ever hurt one of my friends I would hunt them down (should my friend so wish it). Be afraid, I have my very own army of Kitchen Porters. We are trained and armed with chemicals. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Have you ever just been hanging out with everyone and no one seems to listen to anything you say? Yeah, its really soul-sucking. If I've ever done that to you, I'm sorry.

Skinny got a blog, it's in my list. Read it and encourage her to keep it up.

Thank you to all my 'Vacation' reviewers. You might not (in fact, you probably don't) read my blog, but I'd like to express here how much your thoughts touched me :)

We went to Toni's today and she burned a disc of the awesome pictures she'd taken of everyone in my bedroom. Here's a beautiful sample:

Aren't my friends just gorgeous? I absolutely love these photos!

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Toni Maiden-Nel said...

Glad you like the pictures. Sorry I had to bail out early last night. I'm just not myself this week. Hopefully Leeds will fix me up nicely! I CAN'T WAIT. Seriously. This time tomorrow we'll be watching our first band...