Sunday, August 03, 2008


kitten has gone away. to a welsh place with a weird name. why does everywhere in wales have a strange name? perhaps they think the names we use for places are funny. 'wigan?' they might say, 'what an odd name for such a place'.

i am cal. i don't do capital letters (trust me, this will drive her crazy when she gets back). i am a phd student studying geoscience. its not as bad as it sounds. i used to blog myself, but it was really just an excuse for me to whine to no one in particular.

kitten asked me to blog for her because she likes the emails i used to send her about my flatmates. right now, i have no flatmates. its just me and lisa and our cat, jester. lisa made the best beef wellington to ever exist last night. allow me to explain; lisa is my mother, in her younger more delusional days she slept with a guy whom, she didn't realise at the time, is the scum of the earth. thus i came to be. lisa writes many recipe books and is a part-time chef. the rest of the time she worries about me and goes salsa dancing.

you don't believe me about the salsa dancing? its true, red dress and everything.

and that is me. i suppose i'll have to think up a purpose for these posts. perhaps i'll outline the tectonic evolution of a reactivated crustal-scale fault system. bring on the excitement.

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