Monday, August 18, 2008

Giggles, giggles, giggles

I've seriously got the giggles right now. Can I share them with you? We can curl up and laugh together, hee hee hee!

Listen to Mew. RIGHT NOW DAMMNIT! If you thought their first album was good (harmonising with himself!??!!!) then you may be only moments away from orgasming over the awesomeness that is the second album.

Still giggly. I'm in work tomorrow *pouts*. Probably cleaning Rigaletto's kitchen with my best KP homie Kylie! Remind me to take in lots of Kerrang! approved CDs.

I full-on sliced my finger at work on Friday night. I put my hand into a sink with shards of broken plate in it (I wasn't aware of this) and then there was blood. Tons of blood. And Chef was freaking out and the waitresses were freaking out and Lewis was freaking out and I was kind of like 'huh, look at all that blood. Neat.'

Now I have a new stadium scar. Personally, I think scars are fascinating. One of my most beloved characters, Silas, has this huge scar right along one of his cheeks and down his neck. Silas really hates that scar, but eventually he gets to grips with it. Takes a long long time though. I know it isn't cool to have a scar, especially a noticeable one. This guy at work shaved his hair (for a bet) and now you can see all this scars on his skull. So strange, really, that you'd have never even known they were there otherwise.

The giggles are subsiding. Man, I needed a good laugh. I've had a horrid weekend. But I've come through it stronger. I have resisted the apple (the kind of apple that would have been so sweet at the time but would have made me nauseous forever afterwards) and stayed my hand. Three cheers for Team Karen.

In fact, I've spent this evening swooning over much better men. Like Kei-Kun (with the caramel eyes) and Simon Amstell (with the too tight pants) and Blaine Harrison.

Blaine Harrison.

Blaine Harrison.


Give me a spoon right now dammnit. This guy is RICE PUDDING FOR THE EYES!


Anonymous said...

Firstly I don't have a new mobile number, although Catt and Harry thought the same thing as you. I only need yours cos I was enough of a pratt to accidentally delete everything from my phone.

Secondly, would have commented last night but then the world would have known how stupidly late I was up til. The blood thing, I can deal with it if I can see it happen. If someone tells me about it then that's when it bothers me. You gave little detail so I was fine, but I did have a dream last night where my finger was suddenly sliced open all the way down and across the bottom so the skin kept peeling off and I could see the bone. I blame you for that one. xxx

Memmis said...

Give me a spoon right now dammnit. This guy is RICE PUDDING FOR THE EYES!
couldn't agree more.