Monday, August 04, 2008


my best friend lou told me a few weeks ago that he was still a virgin. he is 21. and honestly, i already suspected.

i don't find this to be a big deal. lou isn't disfigured, he just acts like a retard around girls. not that i'm cool hand luke or the fonz myself. but i digress. the part that i found strange was that he told me at all. i didn't really know how to react. where is the 'man handbook of how to handle everything' when you need it? in the end i just assured him it was impossible for him to have any sexually transmitted diseases.

our old housemate dominic once just confessed to me out of the blue that he used to be a child model. apparently he was in a fisher price advert and a cereal advert. he told me one of them was on youtube. i did not search for it.

this leads me to wonder if i am the go-to-guy. the person that everyone wants to share with. i'm not a sharing person, so if i have somehow become this go-to-guy i'm not sure if i can adequately shoulder the responsibility.

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