Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are you ready?!?!!!

Today is Leeds Fest Prep Day! Many were devastated last night when they discovered that Slipknot had been forced to drop out due to Joey breaking his ankle. I too am disappointed and I extend my sympathy to any hardcore Slipknot fans.

Karen's List of Bands She Wants to See:

Emmy The Great
Adam Green
Conor Oberst


Frank Turner
Friendly Fires
Vampire Weekend


Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong
Mystery Jets
We Are Scientists
Bloc Party
The Killers

It's a good line-up this year despite many clashes. I'm almost indefinitely gonna miss out on seeing Los Campesinos, Blood Red Shoes, Be Your Own Pet, Tenacious D, Cage the Elephant and Seasick Steve :( Still, nothing works out how you think it will, so we'll see who I end up experiencing live.

I'm SO EXCITED!!! Woo, bring on the Leedsness for the sixth time!!!

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cath_skinny said...

I'm not worried. It looks (or will look) really nice. They got it for a fiver, which is impressive. It needs to be taken in a lot and is going to be customised slightly.

And why am I strange? I mean, I know that I am strange and I kind of like that but precisely what induced that comment this time?

Hope you have fun at Leeds. Wish I was going but there was no way I could afford it. I'm finally starting to earn some actual money now car stuff and everything has been dealt with.

Much love xxx