Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What are you writing?

I have discovered that there are certain places where it is impossible for me to write. At work, for example. I bought a pretty new notebook on a whim with the hopes of re-drafting some of my latest, top-secret story. So, it was Saturday night, I was working an easy shift on my own and I went for my break with the intention of starting to re-draft.

And then, in wander Craig and Neil. They, of course, kept asking insistently what I was writing and just being generally annoying. Grr.

So I can't write at work. But now, I can't write at home either! I'm currently so addicted to Wimbledon that I'm far too distracted to write. And, as well as that, I'm hooked on a new anime - SPECIAL A - that I just can't get enough of. Argh, I need to write! My story needs redrafting and my fanfiction needs completing!!!

However, the other night I did write one of the BEST kiss scenes, if not THE BEST kiss scene I've ever written. I write a lot of kiss scenes - it's kind of manditory for popular fanfiction - but I've never got it quite right. I'm a massive chick lit addict and I know a good kiss scene when I read one. It's definitely an art form. However, my own personal experience has always been rather awkward. Yes, I admit it, I have never had a toe-curlingly excellent kiss. There have been good ones, but nothing to write home about. Perhaps this explains why I haven't found the right person yet - still, I am only twenty! I'm not worrying about that yet!

I know romance isn't dependent on kissing, but we are living in the 21st century so a little action is kind of important. Anyhow, if you want to read my excellent kiss scene... you'll just have to read my new fanfic when I get around to posting it!!! Heheheheh!

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augusta_avenue said...

I don't dare comment on your kiss confession... so the fanfic is getting closer to finished?