Thursday, July 03, 2008

Today's Fifteen Minutes

TODAYS TOPIC AS GIVEN BY LAURIE: Describe someone you know, but don't give us the typical physical characteristics like hair and eye color. Try to show some of that person's personality by showing them in action.

Since yesterday I hung out with Skinny, I'll tell you a little bit about her. I suppose the first thing that would strike you about Skinny is how opinionated she is. If she loves something, she loves it with her whole heart. I once remember her arguing to tears with this guy over her favourite book. This leads to the second thing you quickly notice about Skinny - she doesn't let things go easily. She is the type of person who dwells over something for a long, long time. She can take things personally so you must do you best to be explicit around her.

Skinny and I came up with the genius idea of picking Toni up from church. At the time it seemed like an excellent idea and we convinced Toni's husband to a. let us and b. not snitch on us. We were listening to one of Toni's mix CDs and Skinny was cooing over her car whilst I nodded along. When we pulled up at Church, Skinny was full of excitement, she literally seemed to be bouncing up and down on her seat. She was frantically searching the windows of Koko looking for Toni and was especially happy when Toni emerged and walked straight past us, looking for Kyle.

Ah, but our surprise was ruined when Toni's eyes seemed to fill with tears upon seeing us and she sat sullenly in the back of the car whilst we drove Mark home. Skinny and I did our best to have fun and not dwell on the fact that we'd upset Toni somehow. Skinny's disappointment was clear though, I think she'd wanted Toni to be as excited as she. Still, the thought was there.

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